System Requirements for DeeP & DeePsea


DeePsea for Windows9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

o A Pentium processor (PIII450 or faster suggested for 3D editing)

o At least 64 MB RAM (128 MB for XP) - 256MB for 3D editing

o Video with at least 800x600x16k colors - 3D editing requires Nvidea GF or above.

o 4 MB of free disk space for levels

o 100 MB of free disk space for Windows swap file

DeeP for DOS

o A 486DX or faster suggested

o 6 MB of RAM free

o A VESA compatible video card (see below)

o DOOM 1.666+, DOOM 2 1.666+, Hexen 1.0+, or Heretic 1.2+, Strife 1.0+

o At least 4 MB of free disk space

It almost goes without saying that faster hardware helps. In particular, DeeP screams with a 486DX or better, and DeePsea is faster with 256 MB of RAM with a PIII800 or better.

DeeP for DOS notes

Note: If you have 8 meg of RAM, please do NOT make your Smartdrive cache larger than 512KB. NEW! DeeP's virtual memory feature is now fully documented.

Your video card and DeeP

If your video card is not VESA compatible, no problem. DeeP includes UNIVBE.EXE, an excellent utility from Scitech Software that provides VESA emulation. It supports a wide variety of cards, and probably works with your video card. Please note that you shouldn't run UNIVBE if DeeP runs on your system.


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